New Water Generation- Sewage Water to Drinkable water:

    Aqozone Industry’s Deebru T 2 T a chemical free water plants help the users to reclaim the Sewage Treated water to drinkable quality. The waste water which are treated as per the CPCB norms undergoes a very stringent treatment.

    We use:

  • Activated Carbon, to absorb the Total Organic Carbon in water, Smell and reduces the BOD.
  • Ozonization Chamber with the UV: This is called the Advanced Oxidation Process in generating the OH radical; It is highly effective against a series of pollutants including pesticides, pharmaceutical compounds, dyes, etc.,
  • This is followed by UF and RO to help reduce the TSS, TURBIDITY, BOD, COD and TDS.
  • Finally the RO permeate is passed through the UV and stored in the tank for the usage.
  • The reject from the UF and RO are sent back to the STP, primary tank.


  • Chemical Free Technology.
  • Removes all kinds of Pesticides, Pharmaceutical compounds in the water.
  • 100% disinfection with better storage life.
  • It can be retrofitted to the existing STP plants.