Air & Water Disinfection System

OZONE is a Bacteriocide, Fungicide and Virocide.. which means this destroys. Ozone breaks down virtually all forms of organic and inorganic compounds, rapidly, efficiently and in most cases with no, or very few, by-products, except for water, CO2 and biodegradable dust/ash.

The main advantage of ozone compared to other treatment methods for air disinfection is that it is able to efficinetly disinfect a large air volume. Ozone has stronger oxidising properties than any other form of disinfectant, and is able to neutralise micro-organisms, including viruses. This makes it ideal for use in medical applications, for example in hospitals or doctors waiting rooms.

Advantages of DEEBRU series Ozone generator :

1. Over 50% more efficient at breaking through bacteria membranes compared to chlorine
2. Eliminates a wide range of bacteria over 3000 times faster than chlorine
3. Potent disinfectant at low concentrations
4. Decomposes into oxygen gas leaving no by-products
5. FDA-approved for direct contact with food
6. Extends shelf life of most food products
7. Efficient odor, taste and color remover
8. Easily and economically produced at point of use
9. Easily detectable at low concentrations by humans, thereby safe to manage
10. Regulatory framework in place for human exposure in most countries.
11. Assume the room immediately after disinfection.
12. No consumables used.