Poultry Animal Husbandry Water Purifier

Ozone can be used to destroy airborne bacteria and eliminate odors reduces the ammonia concentrations in animal sheds. Ozonated water in slaughterhouse helps in bacterial control of dead animals and environment. Spraying chilled Ozonated water onto chicken meat will kill pathogens on the surface reducing the spoilage. Washing the slaughterhouse and equipments with Ozonated water reduces the potential for dangerous bacteria outbreak.

Why ozone is essential in poultry?: Ozone is the perfect solution for the Poultry Processing Industry, for plant cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Ozone in poultry destroys bacteria and eliminate odors. Also Ammonia concentrations in animal sheds can be reduced by ozone treatment.

Ozonated water is more effective, faster and stronger than chlorinated water, killing all bacteria and viruses, including those that have become resistant to chlorine and conventional cleaning methods. There is no resistance build-up to ozone. .


Ozone as an air treatment is used in the poultry industry:

• For the storage and incubation of eggs, to the breeding of healthy birds.
• for effective processing, storage and transport of poultry and meat products.
• Ozone is more effective than other air disinfecting systems such as chemical fogging and UV light.
• The use of ozone during refrigerated storage of poultry has a pronounced effect on flora causing deteriorations and consequently prolongs the useful life of poultry in the refrigerated storage.
• The most important advantage of using ozone is that it quicker and more reactive and leaves no chemical residue.


For the disinfecting of sheds as an alternative to formaldehyde, because ozone is more effective than formaldehyde in disinfecting and requires no dormant period in which the sheds have to remain evacuated. Almost immediately after disinfecting by ozone at high concentrations, the shed is ventilated and can be inhabited by the animals and staff safely. Unlike formaldehyde, Ozone is non-carcinogenic.

Benefits of Ozone



1.Reduced waterborne pathogens

1.Non Toxic

2.Accelerated weight gain

2.Oxidized dissolved minerals(iron, manganese, hydrogen, sulphide etc.,)

3.Improved feed conversion

3.Reduces "fouling"

4.Improved layer output

4.Eliminates chemical storage/residual

5.No escalation in pathogen resistance(as seen with chlorine)

6.Increased dissolved oxygen increases

7.Improve animal's resilience to heat

Poultry Animal Husbandry Water Purifier