DeBru Ozone for Drinking Water Disinfection for Animal Husbandry and Live Stock.

Drinking water is very important in every aspects of poultry and it plays important roles in regulating body temperature, digesting food and eliminating body wastes. Ozonated water is used to feed the birds as drinking water, washing and sterilizing the meat and equipments to kill harmful bacteria, virus, pathogen and deodarised the air inside poultry farm. Ozone is used in the poultry industry as air and water disinfection for the storage, incubation of eggs and breeding of healthy birds. Ozone being an effective oxidant, used for processing, storage & transport of poultry and meat products.
E-coli and other bacteria are removed completely

Approved by the FDA, USDA and supported by the National Organic Program

Ozonated water tastes better to poultry
Accelerated weight gain by the broiler chicken and Improved egg laying output in chickens
Ozone is more effective than other air disinfecting systems such as chemical fogging and UV light
Increased dissolved oxygen level in water which helps the birds to tolerate heat
Ozonated water is effective as a disinfectant for poultry carcasses without loss of colour and flavour
No escalation in pathogen resistance
Oxidizes dissolved minerals (iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide etc)
Reduces Bio-film formation due to TSS & TDS in Water

Ozone Benefits for Poultry Processing & Storage:

  • Removes airborne microbiological and improves odors
  • No harmful chemical residues that require a final rinse
  • 3000x more germicidal than chlorine
  • Lower cost of wastewater disposal
  • Instant pathogen destruction
  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ethylene removal
  • Longer shelf life
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