DeBru Ozone is used for commercial laundry systems in hotels, jails, nursing homes, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals as an energy and cost savings alternative.  Ozone use replaces hot water for laundry, and reduces chemicals.  This will conserve energy and save costs for your laundry appliaction.

How it Works

An appropriate DeBru Ozone Machine is designed to mix the ozone into water that is used in the laundry process.  Cold water with ozone is used as opposed to hot water.  Ozone is also added into the machine in the gasseous form to be dissolved into water during laundering process. Detergents are still used at lower levels, and hot water use is eliminated.  Only cold water is used in the laundry process. In some applications as there is less detergent used a rinse step in the cycle can be eliminated and less water use can be achieved.

Benifits of Ozone

Hot water usage is eliminated, saving energy and saving costs.Disinfection of towels and laundered materials is achieved, reducing cross-contamination of illness and disease. Towels and laundered linens will have longer life span with lower detergent use and lack of hot water.