Hydroponics Industry

Breath of New Life into Your Hydroponic Set-up
DeBru Ozonated water is a fantastic way to cleanse a hydroponic system without having to drain it down and spend hours disinfecting everything. Thankfully, pumping ozone into water is much safer than into the air, so some risk is removed. By attaching an air stone to the ozone generator, entire hydroponic systems can be cleansed by the free-roaming ozone molecules, as they will still bind to harmful pathogens in the same way they would in the atmosphere. You could even use the ozone generator during a grow cycle to purify both the water and root systems at the same time.

Benefits of Ozone

Better than Chlorine: 
Ozone is a potent oxidizing agent. Significantly more powerful than chlorine bleach, ozone is 2.5x more effective than chlorine at tackling mold, pathogens, fungi, and bud rot. Periodically treat a grow room to ozone to sanitize your plants and soil. Also, use it to sterilize equipment and completely reset a growing area between cultivations. Quickly and efficiently clean and sterilize equipment like pH meters, cutters, screens, fans, or anything else used.
Hydroponic Systems: 
Ozonated water is a great way to cleanse and sanitize a hydroponic system without having to drain it and spend hours disinfecting everything. Pumping ozone into the water can clean entire hydroponic systems as the ozone molecules will kill harmful pathogens in the water. You can use the ozone generator to purify water and root systems during a growth cycle, avoiding root rot and adding additional oxygen to the plants. 
Too Much Ozone Can Also Harm Plants 
High ozone levels can inhibit a plant’s ability to produce chlorophyll, an essential part of photosynthesis. The knock-on effect is the death of healthy cells, inevitably leading to a plant’s demise. Too much ozone suffocates plants, and bacteria-free or not, dead plants do not produce.