• From Sewage to Clean Water
  • Ozone Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Reduction of Pesticides in Agriculture
  • Multipurpose ozone for Drinking Water
    and Surface Disinfection
  • Food Processing
  • Water disinfection and Loop Sanitization
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Alternative therapy
  • Air Deodorization

Aqozone Driving Towards Green Environment...

Welcome to Aqozone Industries

Your professional partner in reduction of chemicals used for AIR and WATER disinfection. We use Ozone and Ultraviolet technology.

What is Ozone:


Air & Water Disinfection System

Aqozone Deebru series ozone helps to kill the bacteria, Mold, Viruses etc in the STP treated water and helps to increase the shelf life of the water by 300%. Without any use of chlorine. The water is Disinfected, De odourised and Dis colourised and is fit for resue.

Pharmaceutical Water Disinfection

Ozone is a very powerful germicidal agent, which is able to eliminate parasitic bacteria's, virus, fungi and cysts, more effective without forming toxic compounds or leaving harmful residues behind, since it decomposes back to oxygen.

Air Deodorization

Aqozone De Odour Ozone is dosed into the ducts of the STP chamber either carrying the fresh air or the exhaust air depending on the requirement of the customer. Our engineers visit the site and understand the layout conditions and submit the observations like area.

Advanced Oxidation Process

Advanced Oxidation Process refers to a variety of chemical treatments that can sanitize and disinfect water by oxidizing organic and inorganic contaminants. The use of ozone for disinfection, but AOPs go beyond standard treatment methods since they produce hydroxyl radicals.

Tertiary Water Treatment Plant

The effect of ozone below a certain critical concentration value is small or zero. Above this level all pathogens are eventually destroyed. This effect is called all-or-none response and the critical level treatment methods is called the "threshold value”

Poultry Animal Husbandry Water Purifier

For the disinfecting of sheds as an alternative to formaldehyde, because ozone is more effective than formaldehyde in disinfecting and requires no dormant period in which the sheds have to remain evacuated. Almost immediately after disinfecting by ozone at high concentrations.

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant

Anybody entering a swimming pool contaminates the water either from secretion or just from washing off. Typical contaminated are Sweat,skin flaks,mucous,hair ointments and urine In addition there are contaminants and organisms from the environment

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Waste water treatment is a need of the hour and water has to be reused either for flushing or the gardening. The waste water after being treated by technologies like ASP, SBR, MBBR, DEEWATS etc has a color and a smell in the final treated water even after the chlorine dosage.

Ultrafiltration Plant

This filtration systems are highly efficient in cleaning water impurities. The offered range is manufactured by our adroit professionals using high grade raw material and sophisticated technology. Our offered Filtration system is rigorously tested by the team of our professionals.


Ozone is very possibly the most powerful and effective eliminator of smoke and odors. Ozone Eliminates tobacco smoke, its impurities or Phenol gasses, and odors from cooking, pets, mold, mildew and often the sources of household odors. Disinfecting and purifying with ozone provides a much healthier home, atmosphere and environment.

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